Welcome to our About Us page.  We would like to share with you who we are and why we chose to open this music recording studio. 


Our vision is to discover new talents, develop/brand existing ones to become recognizable names in the music industry by producing music that is lyrically sound, inspiring and displays musical skills in it's instrumentation.  


Our mission is to promote Christian music that is rich in authenticity, culture and captures the heart and soul of the artist. 


"Creativity & Excellence at work"

"Get discovered, go places, make an impact & change the world"


Business Operations

Our music recording studio works with Christian artists around the globe through cutting edge technology.  Artists can do most of their music composition on or off site and record  their final vocal work at the Trem Records Studio in Hamilton, OH. 


Our international sister studio; Semitone Records, in Tema, Ghana, West Africa works with us on all our music productions.  They assist in backing vocals, live instrument recording, mixing and mastering for some of our music produtions.  We also collaborate with other studios in the USA and Nigeria to mix and master the finished work for our artists.