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May 15, 2019


Trem Records collaborates with Judgement Day Productions for their 8th annual Pastors and Musicians Awards.


Judgement Day productions, a record label and awards production company, produced it's awards show for seven consecutive years in the city of New York in the mid 2000's.  After a six year break, it is back again, this time bigger, better and now fused with the record label Trem Records & JM Promotions.  


This year's  Pastors and Musicians awards is dubbed "Remembering Legends in music: You are not forgotten."   African musicians in USA, Europe, Africa (Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, South Africa) who have contributed to the music industry will be remembered and honored for their work.  Some have gone unnoticed because some of their work was done in the diaspora, while others went under the radar.  However, upon critical look on some acclaimed work of popular singers, we realized these musicians played a key role in their rise to prominence.  Therefore, the need to give honor to whom honor is due.


The category of pastoral awards will reward pastors who have toiled in ministry and made an impact on various lives.  We so often than not believe in men and women of God who have labored in the vineyard to be rewarded by the Lord in the after life when they receive their crown for a job well done.  Well, we would like to jump start this by giving them the recognition and showing them our appreciation for their selfless love, and sacrifice.